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Cell Phone Storage Box - 272 items

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A cell phone storage box is a box that is tailor made to keep cell phones either in public places like schools or homes. The box is mostly made of wood and may come in different sizes and shapes.

Different sizes range from a small cell phone storage box that can handle one to four cell phones suitable in homes to capacity of fifty cellphones and more, proffered in schools and other public places.

Some boxes can be locked by key, while others are open and well designed with compartments for storage and display of cellphones in supply outlets. Essentially, a cellphone storage box enhances the security and safety of your phone when not in use.

This can be in an lecture room, conference room or living room when your phone is not in use. In addition, a cell phone storage box not only makes your living room tidy, but also gives you a defined spot for your cellphone so you do not take time looking for it all over the house when you need it.

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